Work from home career ideas and tips

Work from home- career ideas and tips
Work from home- career ideas and tips

Work from home career ideas – is it for you?

While working from home is a need for active parental involvement and home-schooling parents, it has also become a lifestyle choice for many of us.

Work-from-home gives us the flexibility to be available to both the personal and professional worlds. At the same time, balancing the two is easier said than done.

With meticulous planning, grit and execution, work-from-home will give the flexibility we need, at the time we need it.

Tips to succeed in a work from home career

Here are some tips if you are in an office job, looking at making the transition. These are also some reminders for those of us who’ve already chosen the lifestyle but are prone to the classic burnout.

  1. Have your own home office. Set aside a work corner in your home. That is akin to physically setting your own boundaries. Just so the place inspires you to hustle along.

  2. Be brutal with your prioritization. Schedule your personal and professional work, with clearly defined boundaries.

  3. Don’t forget to step out. Take a break. Be with nature for some time. Don’t be a zombie with a laptop.

  4. Networking is not an option. It is a dire need. Be networked. Go out at least once a week to meet your professional contacts. Meet new people, online and face to face.

  5. Be well dressed. Just as you would, when you go out to work. Feeling good about you is the first step to having people believe in you!. Check out some customizable options to design your own clothing to dress for success. Disclosure: The author gets a small commission if you choose to make a purchase, but that is at no cost to you. And it helps in building this website.

  6. Set healthy boundaries. With your family, let your hubs, kids, and visiting relatives know your work hours.

  7. Work while you work. But remember to play while you play too. Take breaks as needed and as you would, if you work from an office.

Work from home career ideas

Today, there are as many options to work online, as there are otherwise. Here are the top few career ideas you may want to consider, explore or switch to.

  1. Virtual Assistant

  2. Medical Transcriptionist

  3. Translator

  4. Software/app designer/developer

  5. Software tester

  6. Web designer/developer

  7. Graphic designer

  8. Call center representative

  9. Tech support specialist

  10. Travel agent

  11. Teacher/tutor

  12. Writer/editor

  13. Franchise owner

  14. Website/UI tester

  15. Product reviewer

  16. Direct sales person

  17. Recruiter

  18. Corporate trainer

  19. Search engine evaluator

  20. Market or internet researcher

  21. Data analyst

  22. Project manager/operations manager for online/virtual projects & teams

  23. Business plan writer

  24. Grant writer

  25. Ad/campaign manager

  26. Social media manager

  27. Program co-ordinator for online/virtual programs

New skills for a new work from home career

Are you are interested in a specific work-from-home career but aren’t sure if you have it all? Just check if you want to pick up the new skill online. With the online resources that exist to skilling yourself, you can be a self-taught pro, sooner than you think.

Read our Self-taught skills for a dream career change post, for some learning inspiration.

Beware of the scams with work from home careers

A word of caution while you go hunting for your dream work-from-home career. As with anything online and offline, there are as many scams as genuine work-from-home careers. Keep your awareness antennas ON and check the job postings online for cues of fraud. That said, it is safe to go for popular websites that cater to remote careers.

Read our remote careers for digital nomads post for some popular sites to scout around for your next dream work from home job.

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Work from home- career ideas and tips
Work from home- career ideas and tips


  1. theclutterboxblog

    I’d love to know your networking tips for a new area. I work from home and I moved into a new town a year ago and I have yet to met anyone! It totally sucks! Just this month I joined a yoga studio so that will help, but seriously it’s hard. I love all your career ideas. I had no idea there was so many things you could do from home and I need to branch out! Having my own office has really helped.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, Angela! I use Eventbrite app to locate networking events around my place. Facebook events is useful too. I’ve met some wonderful people at these professional networking events. I’ve had great conversations and made some good connections too! There are other event apps that cut it too. You can run a quick search on app stores to grab the one that fits your needs 🙂

  2. You’ve hit the nail on the head with these tips. I worked from home while pregnant with my second child and it’s so important to have priorities that everyone understands and that you stick to – and you’ve got to have a personal home office or space to work.

  3. alexafederico

    My goal is to work from home! I recently graduated with an elementary education degree. Do you know of any places offering teaching/tutoring while working from home? Also, I am intrigued what a search engine evaluator is!

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Alexa! You can apply for online teacher jobs at or similar tutoring websites. You may also search for remote elementary teacher jobs via my affiliate link with Indeed:

      A search engine evaluator job is meant to improve search engine results of Google, Yahoo or Bing thru humans rather than bots. There are companies that do this for them. They in turn contract it out to internet savvy people like us, to check and improve the search results. E.g. They require people to pass an exam, before they can consider them for this position.

  4. almostindianwife

    The home office has helped me transition to working from the home. It was hard to stay organized at first with my stuff and time. Now it’s a lot easier because i give myself “office” time!

  5. These are great tips! When I’m working from home I always get a shower, do my hair and makeup and get dressed as if I’m going out to work – it makes me so much more productive! If I stay in my pyjamas then I always end up watching Netflix and eating haha x

  6. Good tips all around! Thank you and thank you for linking to some of your other posts – I will check them out.
    The biggest challenge for me is that others don’t think that I am working and just stop by whenever they want to. I have made a great effort to announce “visiting” times. Those are the times I have my grandchildren with me and they often enjoy if another person becomes part of the mix. Protecting my time has become super important for me. Otherwise, I have to burn the midnight candle and we all know what happens if you don’t get enough sleep.

  7. I can totally relate to this as I am a freelance virtual assistant. We definitely made sure to build a home office so we have a definite place to work at home. And of course, discipline is really important when you work from home. You can’t afford to slack off, but at the same time you have to know your limits. You Should be able to separate time with family from work hours.

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  8. What a wonderful list of options for those looking into working from home. I particularly liked the mention of making sure to step away and make time for yourself. The visual of “zombie with a laptop” had me chuckle.. I feel that way more often than I should. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    1. Thank you, Stephanie! Glad you found this helpfil :). A social media manager role is meant to focus on managing the social media channels of the employer, while a VA’s job could involve social media and a couple of activities around the blog/website/business itself, including writing/scheduling blog posts, marketing, SEO etc.,

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