Why you must start your own blog today

Why you must start a blog today
Why you must start a blog today

Blogging is great side gig. If you pick a subject that hooks your audience and you’re passionate about writing, you can have your say through your own blog. Here are the many reasons why starting a blog is a good idea, besides the labor of love. 

A sounding board…

If you want to voice your opinions in style, a blog is a great medium to express yourself and gain an audience with similar or related interests. Yes, you need to get the word out on your blog and build your audience, which in this interconnected world is quite a reachable goal.

To help people

An excellent medium for non-profit motives that a blog is, you can start one just to help people with stuff you know. Sharing is caring. So if you find your purpose in helping people, start a blog in your field of choice – professional or personal. Ranging from art & craft to ship building and mommy tips, the possibilities are endless.

To demonstrate thought leadership

You’re great at what you do. People around you know it. Now, it’s time to let the world at large, know! Come on in. Start that awesome blog to get your profound knowledge out. Let the world get the benefit of your experience. Be it your gray-haired wisdom, or youthful brainwaves, a blog is a perfect medium for you.

To expand your network

As you stride past your first lap of getting your blog to shape, you start building your audience. Here’s the chance to expand your network using your knowledge and audience. You’re in-the-know of some amazing influencer networks. Your professional network begins to expand to potentially fetch you opportunities you haven’t dreamt of in the beginning. Invitation to conferences, speaker opportunities, op-ed invitations – it opens you up to a whole new world of possibilities.

To put your dent in this world

For the able introverts of the world, if going out to a meet up or networking events is a nightmare, a blog is a wonderful tool to get your voice heard, so you can build a community around your ideas, spread them far & wide and make a difference to your community.

A learning vehicle

A blog is also a learning platform. You get to research, read and consume a lot of knowledge in that industry or field. You learn as you do it.  In fact, you learn a lot more than you write. It gets you committed to your vocation or hobby and throws you into a continuous virtuous cycle of learning, doing, spreading.

A promotion engine

A blog is an amazing tool to promote your existing business. The blog itself in conjunction with social media can take your business to unheard of places into the cyber space, cutting across geographical boundaries. Of course assuming you hustle along, you can take your business to the next level.

A cash cow

Of course, blogging can fetch you money. Just be warned – it’s a long, hard and strategic hustle. Depending on how you choose to monetize, Ad networks, affiliate marketing, offering related products and services and many more opportunities exist to build your cash cow. While it is a deliberate activity, slow process, and lot of hard work, a dash of creativity can take you there. Once you create or aggregate products or services of value to your audience, you’re beginning your entrepreneurial journey.

Pursuit of creativity

If you love writing, creating beautiful graphics, videos or any such content that awes your audience, a blog is a great enabler for you to set your creative calling on fire. You’ll obviously need to pick up some marketing skills and get creative about spreading your work in the virtual world. Once you figure out that part of the equation, you’ve found your creative joy in a blog.

A kick start

A blog can be a starting point to another venture altogether. The internet world has some amazing stories to narrate, of some successful entrepreneurs who start a small niche blog to eventually transform it into big platforms, marketplaces or businesses.

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Given the many reasons, every one of us should, it is your turn to start one. Don’t forget to share your why(s) with the world in the comments section!
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  1. Love this so much. When I did my own “why start a blog” post it was very much the same. The biggest ones to me are: The creative outlet, helping people- and that you often feel like your voice and your opinion matter!

  2. Amber

    I have SO enjoyed having my little blog lately! I agree that its a valuable tool, if nothing else but self expression! I hear it all the time with the bloggers I photograph, that it is a creative outlet and offers a community!

  3. I am not going to lie about it. When I first started blogging, it was just a hobby to get me through my physical therapy. Then I realized I could make money at it. That’s when I knew that that’s what I wanted to do with my blog, and it became my reason for blogging, to make money.

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