Why a personal website is still your best bet

Why a personal website is still your best bet
Why a personal website is still your best bet

A personal website is your piece of real estate on the web. If you belong to a creative profession – like art, design or writing, a portfolio website is a must-have. Most creatives own one already, or are aware of the need and are on road, to create one.

If you are not in these creative professions, wondering if you really need one, a website is still a good idea for you. Here are some reasons why you’d want to claim your piece of the virtual estate, today.

Personal branding

Your profile on professional networking sites is in a standard format. That is just another e-resume to recruiters, connections or anyone who looks up for you. A website on the other hand, is an instant branding for you.inc. It speaks for you, about you.

You have complete control of what you want to let the world know, in a format that is designed by you. Beginning with picking the right fonts and colours to creating stunning visuals to showcase your best work, is in your own hands.

Professional portfolio

Resume based hiring is on its way out. A rich collection of your projects and accomplishments is a sure-shot “Show- Don’t tell” approach to demonstrate your skills. That opens doors to your future hiring manager for a career change, that dream freelancing gig or a killer business opportunity.

Put up a sample of your work – recorded videos, pictures, audibles, customer testimonials and your own blog.

Thought Leadership

It’s your address in the digital world, to let the world know what you know. Share your knowledge, demo your skills, express your opinions and inspire people with your ideas and growth mindset, in your field of interest.

Instead of having your wisdom spread across multiple places across the web, you have them all in one place on your website, for people to get to know you, at a glance.

Elevator pitch

How about a video of yourself, stating your purpose, in an elevator pitch? That’s such an appealing presentation of your background, vision and mission, to your potential professional network of CXOs, co-founders or business allies.

Your elevator pitch adds some personality to your website and is a quick start to getting to know you, for time-crunched executives. A written elevator pitch is a second best alternative too.

Converged social presence

You’ve been living digitally for many years now. Chances are you already have an online presence in social media. Connect your social media profiles to your website and your viewers get to see a bit of every dimension of your social presence.

While exposing your professional interests on Twitter and LinkedIn are obviously beneficial, your interests from your public profile on Facebook, for example, let your audience get to know some fun facts about you, before you meet them.

If you just subscribed to creating your personal website, and you’re wondering what to include in your website, here goes:

The stuff you want to put up on your personal website

So here’s a list of essential stuff you’d want to include in your yourname.com site. Add a dash of your creativity to come up with your super-site on the cyber space.

  1. Your photo – a professionally appealing one, like the one that goes on LinkedIn
  2. Your professional summary – an action-packed, few lines of who you are and what you’ve been up to, in your field. Remember: less is more.
  3. Your mission statement for your own future and your vision of the future of your field. Remember to be futuristic and radiate enthusiasm
  4. Links to your social media profiles – the ones that you are active on and the ones you want to really share with the world
  5. How to contact you – email, a contact form, or direct message on social media – whatever works for you
  6. Bring out the designer in you, to include sample pieces of your work. Do not include everything you’ve done. Just the best few, to stand out.

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That’s just the essentials. Now, it’s time to set your creative wires on fire, to build your website today. Whether you are a mid-career professional, looking for better prospects, or starting to build your portfolio afresh, in a new field, put your dent in this world, online!

What else would you like included in your personal website?

If you’re already on your way to creating one, read on to know our lessons learnt from creating a website in 2016.



    1. Agree JoJo! Traffic is not easy. While there are some hot topics that pull in people, for most sites/blogs, its a long arduous journey of audience discovery, reframing your content to your audiences’ tastes, learning from the changes and getting better at your content as well as marketing strategy. The overnight hacks don’t just cut it.

  1. Thank you for sharing. As a nutrition coach, I started in a particular niche I’d like to grow out of later (primal living). At some point I’d love to rebrand, and make it more about me – my approach and community. What do you think?

  2. I have an author blog/site right now but thinking I need a personal one. Just not sure if I’m on the right track with my author site (I’m currently on the edge of sharing my first flash fiction bundle but I’m unpublished regarding novellas, novels, etc). A personal site I’m thinking might help me find out more about myself and then help me define myself as a fiction writer. Thank you for sharing this. It’s a great help in answering a few questions I had!

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