What should I do with my life? A guide to soul searching

What should I do with my life - a guide to soul-searching
What should I do with my life – a guide to soul-searching

The soul searching question

The soul searching question at the top of Jane’s mind is “What should I do with my life?

Jane hates her day job, but she needs it to pay her bills. She is a talented woman, with multiple talents and skills in her chosen fields.

She is a good public speaker. She is an amateur artist and loved writing. She knows she is not on track with life and work but isn’t sure where to go.

The daily grind

We have a lot of people in Jane’s shoes, today. An overwhelming majority of today’s workforce, do not enjoy their work. We keep jobs just to pay our bills. We dream of a freedom based lifestyle, but can’t get to work it out for us.

“What should I do with my life?” is a question at the top of our minds. We know we need to find answers but aren’t sure where to find them.

Finding what do do with our life is a deliberate activity that needs some structured thinking. If this is like you, here’s a step by step guide to finding and living your dream life.

Step 1: Quiet introspection

It is the time for some soul searching. Ask yourself some introspecting questions around your interests, things you love doing and things you cannot imagine not doing in this life.

Well, it need not be one thing. You just need to list down the activities that you enjoy doing. Prioritise them by your love for the activities – the one that is close to your heart goes on top.

Pick a few, mix a few of them – do what it takes to arrive at the magic gig(s) that you’d be excited to get up in morning for. For example., You may be interested in writing and designing. Look at what you could do at the intersection of your top few interests.

Fun way to finding some career options

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Take a career quiz to check some interesting career options it throws.

While you may not want to treat it as a holy gospel, it can throw some powerful insights you were not aware of yourself.

Step 2: Outsider’s view

Shift your perspective out of the shell of your ‘self’. It’s time to look at yourself as an outsider would. Also take some help from your friends and family to answer these questions. You will be surprised at things that your dear ones know about you, that you have never thought of.

Ask yourself and/or your loved one(s) what your natural talents are and what help people seek from you.
Based on what you answered in step 1 and step 2, identify the areas you are good at, that people come to you, seeking advice for. Those are the sweet spots, that are likely to give you maximum satisfaction, transcending yourself.

List them down carefully. Again prioritise. Look at the intersection of the areas. Arrive at what you truly care about, helping others with.

Pause if you must

If you think you still haven’t discovered at least one, think again!

Einstein was not a talented kid, but his curiosity drove him to his purpose. When you are curious about the world around you, you spot the problems, and the dying desire to solve the problem. Curiosity, in essence, fuels your creative pursuit.

Take a short break if you must, roll it at the back of your mind. You will find the answers in a while with your Eureka moment! 

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Step 3: Nourishing your soul

Get inspired – read books, blogs, watch videos. Talk to people who raise your thoughts. Seek, make and keep connections whom you admire. Expand your network as you expand your horizons. Keep your antennas tuned in, to receive help from the cosmos.
Listen to these awesome 12 TED talks to find your purpose and spark your soul for a cool dose of inspiration.

These activities help shift your perspective from your small circle of thinking to an expansive, ever-growing circle of possibilities!

Step 4: Tiny steps that count

Start a side project. Wherever you are in your life’s journey, a side project helps add a fresh perspective. While you do a side project involving your target audience, you gain newer ideas, connections, and interests. In effect – you become all the more resourceful.

Depending on your interests you can pick up a side project at the intersection of your multiple interests to create something unique, of value to people and your communities.
Read: How to start a side project for resources on starting your very own side project(s).

Step 5: Life long learning

It is never too late to learn something new. Learning new stuff helps neurons make those new connections and your mental muscle is stretched forever. Much as exercise helps keep the body fit, our brains get fit through learning. So keep your mental mojo up, to embark on your journey of creative discovery. 

Learning does not have to be a sequential process. Research has consistently demonstrated that learning by doing is the best approach to teaching yourself a new skill.
Also learn something new every day, from your own environment, and apply it to your work or life. Learn from people, places and resources around you. Get to be awesome at what you love doing. Keep getting better by the day. 
Here’s a list of some online learning resources that help you pick up some of the new age skills: Self-taught skills for a lucrative career (change)

Step 6: From hobby to profession


Look at ways to make it work as your profession. Start with investing an hour a day, slowly span out, potentially diving all-in. 
Get creative in looking for what service or product that you can offer that people are willing to pay for. That is when you start seeing some money. Although money is not the only thing that might motivate you, realizing that you have the skills that people are willing to pay for, itself is rewarding.

Work at it to scale and make it big. You don’t have to put yourself in a frying pot to make it a full-time gig. Keep it part time, if you think your soul’s desires are met.

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What should I do with my life - a guide to soul-searching
What should I do with my life – a guide to soul-searching


  1. wonderful tips and advice on which career path to take I a stay at home mom and will need to start looking at ideas soon to re enter working world I will continue to write and mentor other parents but I will probably step up into a larger roll.

  2. Debra

    What do I want to be when I grow up? Am I grown up yet? A great soul searching question. I love being a mom my #1 job! but there are so many things I want to do on the side too!

  3. I love that you offer a career test. It’s hard sometimes to really know what you want and sometimes there are things in the way. I love all your tips and I wish that all high-school students could read this.

  4. It’s so important to take stock of what makes you tick. My side hobbies & projects are what keep me sane enough to do the things I must out of necessity. It’s so great that you’re encouraging people to live the life that makes them happy! 😀

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