Vision board – All you need to know to create yours

Vision board - all you need to know to create yours
Vision board – all you need to know to create yours

Why do you need a vision board

A vision board works! There are a couple of perspectives as to why it works. If you are a believer of the law of attraction, creative visualisation is a sure shot technique to achieving your goals.

If you are a non-believer of the spiritual/metaphysical laws, it still works! When you create a vision board and look at it every day, you focus on your goals. Goes without saying, that the focus leads to action and hence brings you, the desired results.

Champion athletes and Olympic winners are known to have employed visioning techniques for their success. A vision board is also a powerful team visualization tool in a professional setting, that helps teams work together, with a shared vision.

So, it’s true that “What you conceive and believe in your mind, you shall achieve”.

My vision board – defined

The first step is to reflect on your vision of your future. Take the time to relax, breathe slowly and think what you really want in the long term (a year or more) and short-term (a month or two)

For your long term goals, ask yourself some deep introspecting questions like:
1. What are your interests?
2. What do you love doing?
3. What’s that thing you cannot imagine not doing in this life?

For your short term goals, break down your answers to your long-term goals into small steps that are achievable in a month or so.

For some inspiration to deep introspection, read this post on What should I do with my life? A guide to soul searching.

How to create my vision board?

There are zillion ways to make one for yourself. Add a dash of your creative spirit. Make it on a chart, a board, a paper, fabric or any physical medium, if you want to hang it over your workstation or living room.

Alternatively, if you are a digital aficionado, create one using a vision board software. If you want to go frugal, make your board with a website that lets you create a photo collage. So you just put together a cool poster out of your inspirational graphics and contents.

What to include on your vision board

Here are some things you might want to include on your vision board.

  1. Your visual representation of you in a picture-perfect future
  2. Professional/career goals
  3. Learning goals
  4. Self-care goals
  5. Spiritual goals
  6. Relationship goals
  7. Travel goals
  8. Self-improvement goals
  9. Mindfulness goals
  10. Health and fitness goals
  11. Finance goals
  12. Home improvement goals
  13. Motivational quotes
  14. Inspirational pictures
  15. Ideas you want to materialise
  16. Reminders to tasks that will take you to a better version of you!
  17. Positive affirmations
  18. Inspirational poetry
  19. Lists of TED talks, podcasts or books
  20. A work of art or a doodle

And more…

You need not fit all of this into one vision board. Break them up into a few boards for different areas of life.

Where do I position my vision board

Of course in a prominent place where you are likely to see it a few times in a day. Maybe in your workstation at home or workplace. Else your living room or even kitchen if you like it there.

If you choose to create a digital version, you might want it right on your desktop as a wallpaper or screensaver, that you see often and the moment you switch your desktop or laptop on.

If you are bit high on tech you can create a responsive html version, that you can use on all your devices!

How often do I revisit my vision board

As often or less as you want. An annual revisit is most likely a must-do, while monthly addition/updates might help you reframe your short term goals.

Remove the ones you are done with, or keep them there and mark them done, for a sense of accomplishment!

Apps to create a vision board

Here are some apps on Android and iOS, that help you create your own digital vision board.

Hay House Vision Board App
Dream board’s vision board 2
Pic-collage – a collage making app that can help create your own vision board
Jack Canfield’s vision board
iWish bucket list app lets you create a vision board in addition to other cool features

And many more options on mobile and desktop apps of various app stores. Just pick the one you trust or try a few and keep the one that suits your needs.

You can also sign up to websites that help you create your vision board, online. Here are a few of them you may like:

Dream board’s vision board website, lets you sign up to create your vision board online.

Fototalisman lets you create your own vision board online, from readily available templates and photos. Fototalisman lets you create a wallpaper, using a simple DIY drag and drop interface.

A Pinterest private board is a wonderful place to keep your vision board with your select graphics and favourite graphical content. Head over to Pinterest to create your private board anytime.

Another alternative is to use Canva, online to create a poster. That’s such a lovely tool to drag and drop pictures, shapes, lines, motifs and more.

The impact of a vision board

Vision board is a mind exercise. Like any physical exercise, it gives you results based on how much you focus on your vision and act in tune with your goals. According to the popular book “The Secret”, visualising your future is the key to getting there.

If you don’t have a copy of the book, go on to treat yourself with one, now.

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Many celebrities from media, filmdom and world leaders have employed and attributed visualization techniques to their success.

Visualisation is a powerful tool to make and keep your goals. A vision board helps you do just that, in an uber-organized manner.

So here’s to creating the future of your dreams, in the words of Rhonda Bryne:
Believing involves thinking, talking, and acting as though you’ve already received.

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Vision board - all you need to know to create yours
Vision board – all you need to know to create yours

What is your favourite format of a vision board?
What are some of the other things you’d want to include in your vision board?

Share your ideas with the world – pen your thoughts in the comments section below!



  1. desperatemamas

    First of all let me tell you that I love vision boards. I created one when I could not conceive and placed it in my bedroom where I would see it every morning when I woke up. The board was not just about the child, and I must say that almost everything I had on it came true. Including having a baby

  2. Admiring the persistence you put into your site and detailed information
    you provide. It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a while
    that isn’t the same outdated rehashed material. Excellent read!

  3. I’ve honestly never even thought of using a vision board for anything other than redecorating a room! Wow, I love the many uses. We are currently planning a vacation, and I can totally seeing this as a wonderful way to see everything we are planning.

  4. everydaythoughtsbybrittany

    I honestly don’t remember the last time I created a vision board but this is a good reminder of how helpful they can be to keep me focused on my goals. It’s a great idea to use it as a screensaver and on your desktop.

  5. I love vision boards! I like to make different ones, whether it is a goal we are working towards, or just motivational. In the past I have done one with words and quotes that are inspirational to me, and filled it with little doodles and other drawings. So much fun!

  6. This is definitely something I’m interested in doing. I’m already familiar with Canva, so I think I will make a wallpaper for my computer on there. I know I’m including kids in there! Have to do some soul searching on the rest. Thank you for this!

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