Top freelance career sites to be your own boss

Top freelance career sites to be your own boss
Top freelance career sites to be your own boss

Freelance career today

Freelancing is slowly going mainstream. Established business houses – big and small hire freelancers today. One-third of the U.S. working population is freelancers.

And newer freelance career sites, job boards, and listings are created by the day. Most of the startup world is into freelancing. It gives the best of flexibility, talent, and cost.

The future of freelance career

For the job seekers, the primary goal is a freedom based lifestyle. Corporates across the globe, are opening doors to working with top talent via freelancing. So much so, that the corporates will eventually organize their work around freelancers.

Freelancing is the preferred mode of work, for the millennials. The older generations are catching up too.

It is as a much serious business as also a means for an extra buck. If you are a Stay-at-home parent, traveling remote worker, telecommuter or even if you are in a full-time job already, the top freelancing sites are some popular additional income options are for you.

The cons of freelance career sites

A word of caution on freelance career sites-

Well, it’s actually two!: 

  1. This website list is indicative of the popular ones. While the sites are popular, the projects listed may or may not be the right fit for you. Do your bit of research before you take the plunge.

  2. You still have to exercise your caution, choosing appropriate clients on these sites. Do check the credibility of the employers and their history before you apply for jobs.

Tips to a successful freelance career

Here are some tips to a successful freelance career, if you are just starting out on freelancing. Also if you are finding the going hard with landing your first or subsequent clients:

  1. Brand yourself. Have your own professional website – that enhances your image!
    Check this post to know why you should have your own website.

  2. Have a portfolio of your work put up on your website. If you don’t have one, put it up on your professional profile on Linkedin or any professional platform.

  3. Complete your profile with the freelancing sites, with a professional looking photo

  4. Invest in yourself. Pick up the latest skills.
    Check out the self-taught skills for a lucrative career today.

  5. Get organized. Keep your tasks, to-do lists in order. It shows 🙂

  6. Show up on the site, browse for jobs, pitch for work, write a covering letter, market yourself.

  7. Complete your committed work on time. Be professional. Ask for a testimonial/reference when you finish your good work!

  8. Build trust and relationships, to win repeat engagements.

  9. Do not undersell yourself. That undermines the freelancing community, at large 🙂

  10. Work out your math to determine your pricing. If you need $3000 to pay your bills, divide it by the number of days you want to work, and then by the number of hours per day that you would work, to arrive at your rate.

Freelance career sites

While some of these sites might sound quite familiar, you may want to bookmark the others to give them a try.

Upwork – the largest network

People Per Hour – for web projects

Flex jobs – paid platform, vetted jobs

Guru – Lets you look at how much employers have spent on freelancers

Fiverr – for micro-gigs and small chunks of tasks

Crowded – Aggregated jobs from many on-demand platforms

Freelancer – membership plans starting from free

ifreelance – affordable fee, no commission.

Niche freelance career sites

And then there are the niche ones like

Writing pros: Article bunny, Scripted, and Contently.

Voice pros: Voice bunny, Voice123

Logo designers: Logoworks, Bunnyinc Logo

For the cream of the crop – top 3% Tech and Finance pros: Toptal

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Top freelance career sites to be your own boss
Top freelance career sites to be your own boss

While you bookmark the websites that you haven’t used yet, do let us know your favorite ones or the ones you plan to try in the near future. Share your experience with the world.



  1. Thanks for sharing this! It was super helpful. I’m on about four of these sites already and it’s working pretty well, but I do wish there was more stuff out there that paid a bit more! I get most of my work from Fiverr, but ultimately it doesn’t pay that much!

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