Success through the spiritual laws of universe

Success through spiritual laws of universe
Success through spiritual laws of universe

Defining success

Does the word success conjure up thoughts of passion, hard work and grit? Oh yes, those are a whole bunch of necessary soft skills, we were taught from childhood.

While those are attributes that feed the intellect, we are often still left with a craving for more. And a perennial feeling of dissatisfaction, exhaustion and imbalance.

The spiritual laws

As Deepak Chopra observes in his amazingly intuitive, metaphysical work – The seven spiritual laws of success, this struggle is unnecessary.

In this universe, creation happens naturally and effortlessly. Nothing requires a struggle to manifest.

The seven spiritual laws of success is a must read for anyone looking at a deeper meaning to daily events in life. It is a spiritual guide to the law of attraction. Internalising these laws and living by them is a sure shot way to realizing your dreams.

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The Law of Pure Potentiality

Pure consciousness is the source of all creations. When we take time each day to meditate and just be, we are in tune with the higher intelligence. Practising non-judgement is also key to realising pure potentiality.

Action items

Practice silent meditation every day to commune with nature.

Practice non-judgement until it becomes a part of your routine.

The Law of Giving

Everything in the universe acts through dynamic exchange. Giving and receiving keep the flow of energy in the Universe. By giving, we let the universe circulate abundance into our lives.

Action items

Practice giving a gift to everyone you meet. The gift need not be in material form. It can be a compliment or a prayer.

Also be open to receiving from the universe, and be grateful for the gifts you receive.

The Law of Karma

The law of Karma is the spiritual equivalent of Newton’s physical law that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So when we act to bring happiness to others, it comes back to us in kind.

Action items

Consciously choose actions that bring happiness to you and people around you.

Be guided by your heart. If you feel a sense of comfort, take the plunge. If you feel some discomfort, pause and think about the consequences of the choice. This will guide us to make spontaneously correct choices.

The Law of Least Effort

Nature functions with effortless ease. When we accept the harmony around, we create success for ourselves and people around us, with effortless ease, too.

Action items

Accept people, events and circumstances as they are without struggling against them.

Assume responsibility for the situation, without blaming others. See every problem as an opportunity in disguise. Be open and relinquish the need to defend your point of view.

The Law of Intention and Desire

Intention and desire have a self-organizing power to fulfil themselves. The infinite organising power makes if work for you.

Action items

Make a list of desires. Keep looking at it every now and then. When things don’t go your way, trust in the grand cosmic plan for you. Accept the present, don’t dwell in negativity, but believe and manifest your deep desires.

The Law of Detachment

When we are detached from the outcomes, we begin to embrace the uncertainties of life. We free ourselves from the prison of our own past. When we free ourselves from our past conditioning, we open our mind to creativity possibilities.

Action items

Practice detached involvement and willingness to accept uncertainty.

By embracing uncertainty, you put you put yourself on the path to freedom.

The Law of Dharma

Every one of us was created for a purpose. We realize the purpose of our existence by using our talents in the service of others.

Action items

Nurture your soul. List your talents. Then list the activities you love doing using your talent.

Express your talent in the service of others to create abundance to yourself and people around you.

That sums up the 7 spiritual laws of Success by Deepak Chopra. Treat yourself to the book and practice them to materialize your deepest desires and dreams.

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Success through spiritual laws of universe
Success through spiritual laws of universe


  1. Enlightenment for Schmucks

    Deepak Chopra is definitely a master of living a purpose-filled life! I’m working on manifesting using feelings rather than just will – finding the balance can be tough. Loved reading these tips!

  2. theclutterboxblog

    Mediation in my daily routine has really changed how I am creatively. I am more focused and and have a better plan to get things done. I haven’t heard of this book, but I have his app!

  3. Awesome post, I am more of a giver without expecting anything in return I don’t it’s just in my nature. I also like to mediate when I have a bit of time, But I really would love to read this book. I started reading self help books recently just so I can live a better life and not limit myself and just learn to take risks and find what makes me happy.

  4. I don’t think I’m aware with all the laws of the universe but now that you’ve introduced each one I think it’s really motivating. It’s nice to be able to use some of these to find your inspiration and motivation to reach your goals and succeed.

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