Professional networking quotient quiz – check your score

Professional networking quotient quiz
Professional networking quotient quiz
Professional networking quotient quiz
Professional networking quotient quiz

Please note: While some of the responses might slightly vary in different contexts, we can use the responses and correct answers to reflect on our networking habits and grow professionally using the power of our connections.

Welcome to your Professional Networking Quotient quiz! Go on. Pick your choices to know your networking score.

1) A common friend introduces you to an accomplished person in your field, via LinkedIn. Which of the following do you think are appropriate? (Please select all that apply)

2) You meet someone with common interests at a networking function. Which of the following is a good conversation starter?

3) You consider someone a good conversationist if he/she...

4) You connect with someone at a networking event. What do you do next?

5) You had an amazing conversation with someone you met at a trade show. What would your next message to them be?

6) At a networking event, you meet someone who you don't think can be of value to you. What would you do?

7) You meet someone who can provide you a great opportunity in your field of interest. How would you talk about yourself?

8) You know networking is important. And you know it's not easy to come by. How do you make networking work for you?

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Check your professional networking quotient - quiz
Check your professional networking quotient – quiz
Professional networking quotient quiz
Professional networking quotient quiz


  1. reesann723

    This is so insightful. I find a lot of people in the digital/blogging space don’t know a lot of about this area because of lack of corporate experience. I know quite a few people in our networking group would be so happy to do this!

  2. thefashionableaccountant

    Awesome I got a 70!! Networking is so important and I didn’t really realize it before. I am still learning about networking, but I am definitely putting myself out there more.

  3. Love this quiz!!! As new bloggers, I don’t think we really realized all of the networking opportunities out there. Now that we do and are a little more seasoned, it’s really helpful to know how to network and what your style is. I have a feeling this will be a resource I keep coming back to time and again. Thanks!!!

  4. Karina Pacheco

    Networking is so important and it can be hard to find the proper tips or help. This is a fun way to help out πŸ™‚ Networking is definitely very important!

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