Steve Jobs quotes that inspire change any day

Here are some noted quotes of Steve Jobs – the iconic tech tzar, whose words continue to inspire us. These are the wisdom words from the life and death of the man who changed the tech landscape forever; who believed that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication; whose legacy continues to live in this world long after he is gone. Here are some powerful thoughts from his awe-inspiring talks around the world. Quoted ubiquitously, this is a reminder to those of us who’ve taken on the journey to change ourselves and the lives of people around us. Here’s to the change makers of the world, 12 pithy quotes that inspire change any day and every day.

Steve jobs on focus and simplicitySteve Jobs on Technology and PeopleSteve Jobs on DesignSteve Jobs on Riches  and WorkSteve Jobs on EntrepreneursSteve Jobs on design, focus-groups and peopleSteve Jobs on innovation, mistakes and improvementSteve Jobs on money, time and making a dentSteve Jobs on work, life and satisfactionSteve Jobs on time, result, opinion, thinking and intuitionSteve Jobs on creativity, experience and connectionSteve Jobs on connecting the dots, future, destiny, life and karma

Now you’re all inspired to make the change of your dreams. Go on, charge ahead! and in the comments section, let our readers know your favorite Steve Jobs’ quote to live by.



  1. authenticfoodquest

    Very inspiring quotes. Thanks for sharing them and organizing them so well. The one that resonates with me the most is about not living anyone else’s life. To have the courage to follow my heart and intuition. Thank you for sharing these 🙂

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