Work from home or anywhere – remote jobs for digital nomads

Work anywhere - remote jobs for digital nomads
Work anywhere – remote jobs for digital nomads

What’s your commute story? 

Mona is an ambitious lady. She’s a mom to two lovely kids – 5 and 9 year old. She enjoys making a difference to the society through her job, but then the long commute and fixed work hours are a pain. She’d love to be able to spend some quality time with her kids, while they’re at home. And She’d love to drive them around for their sports events. So she’d love to be able to work from home or anywhere – from the comfort of her laptop

Tim is a travel freak. He loves seeing places and learning about new cultures around the world. He takes breaks, once every few years to go on his curious quest. Travel is more than a hobby to Tim. It is his deepest passion. 

Global jobs that cut the commute 

Whether you’re the mom in Mona or the eternal traveller like Tim, a “work from anywhere” option is within your freedom of choice today. Powered by a global economy, fuelled by blazing internet speeds, get geared to have your office on the cloud – literally transcending geographic boundaries. While some jobs require that you live in a specific city, others are truly global. 

Remote-focussed bookmarks for you

Here’s the shot to flag off your global virtual career quest. These sites offer jobs that let you work from just about anywhere in the world – to satisfy your work-at-home needs or work-on-the-go needs. So no more barriers to do what you truly love to do: 
Work from anywhere in the world. Keep your job while you travel around the world, seeking endless excitement. 
Find jobs that aren’t restricted by commutes or a particular geographic area. 
Curated digital jobs for those looking to work remotely. 
A newsletter on Remote Tips & Jobs sent every two weeks. 
Pre-filtered job listings that allow for work-from-home opportunities. 
Jobs that offer some form of telecommuting and the ones that are fully virtual too. 

Remote jobs for creatives

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Filter by remote

Besides some of the popular freelancing sites, job boards and career portals that let you filter for remote jobs, these cool sites also offer some niche remote options: 

Started by two mompreneurs, powertofly aims at closing the gender gap in tech hiring, making it possible for women in tech to have it all. 
Helping people find their way to the careers they love. 
Startup jobs showing salary and equity upfront. 
Global nonprofit opportunities for volunteering, jobs and actions. Idealist connects people who want to do good – with opportunities for action and collaboration. 
Now, Get-set-ready-go, all remotely!

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Work anywhere - remote jobs for digital nomads
Work anywhere – remote jobs for digital nomads

Have you tried any of these or others for a job that lets you work anywhere?



  1. rowena supan sembrano

    I am a working mom..and yes I work remotely with my pc really a big difference.. I can be the kind of career woman I want to be and be the best mom I can for my kids coz i just do my task at home with them..

  2. V

    Wow! This is a great resource list – I’m going to bookmark some of these for myself, as even though I’m already doing the remote/digital nomad thing, it never hurts to have these for searching for new gigs.

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