How to start up – courses and lessons from the doers

How to start up
How to start up

We have all read volumes about doing a startup. We’ve read shout outs of insightful success stories.

We’ve learned some profound lessons from failed ones.

Have you been putting off, doing your own startup?

If you are wondering where or how to begin, here’s to give you the nudge.

As Adam Grant puts it in his book “Originals”: What sets entrepreneurs apart is that they know in their hearts that failing would yield less regret than failing to try.

Resources on entrepreneurship and starting up

Are you gobbling up the resources on the web indiscriminately? That is definitely a choice not worth your time.

So much so, as we plan on doing a startup. And not just be done reading up 🙂

Do you have a job and always dream of doing that small stuff on your own? Consider a side project. A side project is an amazing choice for the starts.

Are you are looking to take the plunge with all your might to do that big thing?

Else are you a “cat on the wall” between your current job and dream venture?

In either case, the web has some structured resources to get you started on your journey.

Structured resources to start your startup

We all know that there is a host of variables at play. Your project’s outcome depends on so many of them.

However, these resources help add some method to the madness.

These courses introduce you to a just-do-it approach. They armor you with the know-how. And you take it from there.

And what’s more? They are free, self-paced and follow the “learning by doing” approach.

How to Build a Startup: The Lean LaunchPad

This is an introduction to the famous Customer Development Process by Steve Blank.

Steve Blank is a silicon valley serial-entrepreneur and academician. Steve provides insight into the key steps needed to build a successful startup.

The essence is to quickly ideate and validate those ideas. We validate our ideas by gathering a lot of customer and marketplace feedback.

When an entrepreneur understands the pains and gains of real life customers, he can find a proper solution and establish a suitable business model.

Building a startup is not simply building an execution plan for a business model that the entrepreneur thinks will work.

It is rather, a search for the actual business model itself.

Y Combinator’s How to Start a Startup

This site was created to host Creative Commons content. It hosts videos of the lectures, associated reading materials, and assignments. The content has been gathered from the Stanford class put together by Sam Altman, President at Y Combinator.

The participants are taken through sessions with startup experts to discuss:

  1. How to come up with ideas and evaluate them.
  2. How to get users and grow
  3. How to do sales and marketing.
  4. How to hire, how to raise money.
  5. Company culture, operations and management.
  6. Business strategy.

And a lot more relevant topics.

Get your Startup Started

This course developed by google for Udacity teaches how to pitch your tech business and establish a strong foundation.

The course shows you how to:

  1. Write clear, compelling, and targeted mission and vision statements.
  2. Set quarterly and annual goals.
  3. Find mentors, co-founders, and contractors to provide help along the way.
  4. Confidently pursue viable funding models, including bootstrapping, crowdsourcing, accelerators, incubators.

And some more related topics.

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How to start a startup
How to start a startup

Happy learning and doing your very own startup!



    1. Thank you so much Jessica, for stopping by! We can set out to solve a pressing problem in our own communities. We can also use our big G search engine for a “startup idea” :). Ideas are all around us – I’m sure you will find one very soon 🙂 You are right – These resources are meant to teach us to execute on them.

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