Entrepreneurship tips for the full-time employee

Entrepreneurship tips for the full-time employee
Entrepreneurship tips for the full-time employee

Are you a full-time employee, a freelancer, or anything in-between? Is entrepreneurship your dream pursuit? Here are the entrepreneurship tips you need, to start off on your dream pursuit.

Is entrepreneurship overrated?

Are we glorifying Entrepreneurship unduly, as an all-or-nothing pursuit? Do we really need to quit our day job to find and live our dreams?

Entrepreneurship is a high adrenaline rush vocation – no doubt. While it is exciting and empowering to be an entrepreneur, we also have a flip side to it.

We still need to pay our bills and fend for our personal and familial needs. It a risk – a huge one at that.

We have to forgo our monthly pay check for an indefinite toil. It is a tight-rope bank balance. It is an arduous journey and we do not know the outcome.

But what if you’re gritty to endure the storm and you cross the abyss? The fruits of labor are epic!!

You got it – the brain wave. So what?

You have a million dollar idea. You think that is going to disrupt the way the world functions.

Congratulations – you’ve taken your baby step into entrepreneurship. Remember ideas aren’t worth a dime. Execution matters.

But what if you want to be an entrepreneur but have no idea yet. If you’ve still not got your brainwave, here’s some inspiration from TED, to find your purpose and spark your creativity.

TED talks to find your purpose and spark your soul

Is entrepreneurship for all?

If you’ve been asking yourself the question, can I be an entrepreneur?, the answer is of course yes.

Anyone can be an entrepreneur or at least entrepreneurial if you want to be one and do what it takes.

You can learn to be one. Structured resources exist on the web, for you to learn from success and failure of people who’ve been there and done that.

Here are some amazing ones if you have a great idea and want to build your own start-up.

How to start a start up

Do I have what it takes, today?

You are probably in your mid-career. And coming with years of subject matter expertise in an area but would like to start up in a tangential one. Else you might want to start up in a completely different field. These thoughts cloud your mind with self-doubt and lack of skills.

Fret not. The possibility for re-skilling yourself has never been better before. With Massive Open Online Courses and democratization of learning, sky is the limit to picking up the skills to get there.

Read this post to know some cool sites that come to your aid.

Self taught skills for a lucrative career (change)

So here you stand, having picked up some awesome hard skills in a new domain. How do you put it to use without experience?

Internships to the rescue! If you’re thinking internships are just for the grad scholars, read on to know more

Relaunch yourself to a second career with adult internships

Entrepreneurship tips in summary, just for you!

Well, this depends on where you are in the journey of your life. If you’ve planned all aspects of your life, by all means, dive in.

For those of us who still have other areas of life to juggle, a side project is a great way to start off on entrepreneurial track.

While it is not a well-received option among funders and venture capitalists, bootstrapping with a pay check is a great start to get there.

Here’s a post for you on spinning off a side project and decide what you want to do with it upon successful take-off.

How to start a side project

Now that your limits are stretched and you’ve had a personal transformation forever, you can be a sidepreneur, solopreneur, a micropreneur, with multiple income streams from various side projects that you run.

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Full-time employee to entrepreneur-is it worth my all
Full-time employee to entrepreneur-is it worth my all

What side project(s) would you start now? We’d love to see it in the comments section!



  1. khoner001

    Your post is perfect for motivating me this Monday morning. A month ago, I was afraid to pursue my side project bc I didn’t know where to start and not sure if i would be successful. Now blogging has become a part of my daily life 🙂 This post is perfect for anyone looking to venture into entrepreneurship – it’s really all about going for it if you want it bad enough

    1. Thank you, Gurki! That’s true. Most people today realize the possibility and long to start an online biz, while still in a day job. While a full-time job is likely to be absorbing most of their energy, they need to take some time out, to focus on finding their niche; pick up some skills; and persist to slowly transition out of full-time job, or stabilize as a sidepreneur.

  2. Mom With Five

    Very motivating. I am a stay-at-home mom of five kids and this post was written for me. I would love to be an entrepreneur but didn’t know how to make the first step… your post helped me a lot.

  3. I think alot of people are turning entrepreneurs now and it’s super motivating.
    Nobody should have to stay where they aren’t passionate about, and so for every entrepreneur I come across, I am always really excited.

    1. Absolutely agree, Ima. Tech advancements by the day, have given us the power of connectedness, to reimagine the way businesses operated and newer businesses to start and thrive. That is super motivating. 🙂 Thank you, for stopping by!

  4. I quit my full-time job to pursue my business about a year and a half ago. And I wasn’t even making money from it yet. I just dove right in and I started making a full-time income from it within 4-6 months. I’ve never regretted it for a moment. But I do not believe that everyone has what it takes to be an entrepreneur. There are so many great resources out there to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into an actual business, but it’s a very tough path that requires a lot of dedication, time, motivation, etc. Not everyone has those qualities and without them, it’s just not going to happen. But if you have those qualities and have an awesome plan in place, then entrepreneurship is always worth the risk!

    xo, Keating | Why Hello Lovely

    1. Thanks a ton!!, for sharing your journey and your success with us, Keating. Your story is truly inspiring! Very well said – not everyone would do what it takes, to tread the tough path. For those who do, it is worth the risk 🙂

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