Custom Work Wear for Women

Customized clothing

Customized clothing liberates modern women from the size stigma. eShakti is a company with a mission to let women look their best. At eShakti, they don’t want to tell a woman her size is not available.

eShakti makes your work clothes work for you. You choose the line and length that’s a perfect fit for you. And that is so empowering!

eShakti was rated among the 100 most innovative companies in the world for 2015 by the Internet Retailer.

Customized clothing to dress for success
Customized clothing to dress for success

You can choose from the standard size and fit. You may also choose the alterations to make your clothing fit you snugly. This gives you the clothing made by you, for you.

eShakti – How it works

1: Choose your favorite design from the eShakti catalog.
2: Use the e-Shakti size and fitting guide to provide your measurements to them.
3: Customize the line, length, and design of your clothing.
4: Wait to receive your shipment 🙂
5: Flaunt your customized clothing in your own style.

Disclosure: If you choose to buy these products, the author gets a small affiliate commission from eShakti, at no cost to you, that helps in building this website.


Dresses to suit every occasion. Be it for your regular office wear, an office party, an outing with colleagues, team eShakti have it all for you.


Jackets to suit your attire. Professional ones and some cool casual ones too. Pick the ones that are best on you.


Whether you want them for a casual day at work or work from home, or for a more formal event at work, eShakthi folks have the collection, you can pick from.


Skirts for the gritty women of today. Pick some for your serious business meetings. Else some for a casual coffee meeting.


Top it up with a cool looking top. Make the most of the eShakti tops collection, for your conferences, seminars, group huddles ar just another day at work or home.

Your personal brand is now up your sleeve, literally!

Just shop for your choicest design. Make and shop the best ones that fit your persona.

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Customized clothing to dress for success
Customized clothing to dress for success

Dresses made just for you, so you dress for your success!