Create your Portfolio Website

Work with us to design and develop your portfolio website
Work with us to design and develop your portfolio website

If you want to create an impactful resume online, a portfolio website is just for you.

It is your best shot at your professional profile.

You just have to make the best use of it, to wow your future employers or clients.

A professional portfolio website is your own nest on the web.

For those of us in creative professions – like the arts, music, graphic design or creative writing, an online professional portfolio is like the bread and butter.

Whether you are a digital native, or belong to a profession that has a web presence, a professional portfolio website is a must-have.

Professional branding

Your profile on professional networking sites is in a standard format, that doesn’t give you a chance to stand out.

That is just another e-resume to recruiters, connections or anyone who looks up for you or your profession.

When you own your professional portfolio website, on the other hand, it is an instant branding for It speaks for you, about you.

You have complete control of what you want to showcase to the world. You choose a format or design one from scratch.

You put up your perfect show. You pick the best hues to suit your personality. It gives you the power to create and display stunning visuals to pitch your best work.

Your online resume

Resume based hiring is almost dead. Most employers/clients today ask for a portfolio of your original work that they can see.

Whether you are looking for a job change, a freelance opportunity or a business deal, a portfolio website is your best online resume.

It is a visual proof of your work, attitudes, beliefs, skills and more. When you “show-don’t-tell” it saves a lot of time for your hiring manager or a prospective business partner.

Contents of your portfolio website

Read on for a checklist of contents for your portfolio website.

Partner with us to build your awesome home on the cyberspace, with some strategic content and a dash of creativity. Here’s a list of things we can help you put up on your portfolio website:

  1. A professionally appealing photo of yours.

  2. Professional profile – Less is more, always! Make it an executive summary. A page length, at best.

  3. Your mission statement.

  4. Your vision for the future of your profession/customers/stakeholders.

  5. Links to your (professional) social profiles. Refine your personal ones to reflect what you want your professional world to know, if you must include them.

  6. An About me page with publicly shareable information or at least a contact page, so people can get in touch with you.

  7. Samples of your work products with testimonials.

  8. A blog with posts to demonstrate your skill, knowledge, ideas, attitude and more. Make sure you invite people in your field to engage with the content with comments, opinions, and healthy debates. That is a social proof of your thought leadership to your prospectives. Read why you must start your own blog today, if you don’t have one or if you want a clear purpose defined.

  9. An elevator pitch, substantiating succinctly why people should work with you. A video would cut it very well. A written one is a second-best alternative.

  10. Own your brand and your content. Self-host your professional portfolio website!

We’ll help create your stunning portfolio website

Get in touch with us, to create your professional portfolio website!

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Work with us to design and develop your portfolio website
Work with us to design and develop your portfolio website