Hot career skills online from world’s top universities

Hot career skills online from world's top universities
Hot career skills online from world’s top universities

Plasticity of the brain

Career skills, besides our professional development, also help us with a better overall mental health and satisfaction.

When we learn something new the neurons in out brain start to make new connections with the things that we perceive with our five senses of sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste.

Neuroscientists have confirmed that the brain is plastic. This means that the brain can renew and rewire itself when we learn a new skill.

And if the learning is targeted at making our livelihood better, the results are amplified with a sense of wellbeing 🙂

Fitness regimen for the brain

While we hit the gym to keep our body young, learning a new skill keeps our minds young. Be it art or languages, or yoga, or music, the brain gets younger when we learn something new.

And that helps keep the ageing-related brain diseases like Alzheimer’s at bay. So it pays to learn something new every day. It helps keep our brain supple and healthy.

Learning a new skill, that people are willing to pay for, goes a step further in granting us that elated feeling of accomplishment. A career-oriented skill renders a purpose to our existence.

Structured learning resources

While there are millions of learning avenues open today on the internet, learning from the world’s best universities and educational institutions brings along a strong endorsement of your credentials and profile.

Today we have focussed learning platforms, bringing the best of education to people living in any part of the globe.

Coursera for online learning

Two Stanford university professors who wanted to spread the benefit of their knowledge to the world.Professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng made their courses available online.

The results were phenomenal – they were able to teach so many people in the next few months, that they could not have imagined doing over a classroom. And that marked the birth of Coursera, a popular education website in 2012.

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Online business courses to jumpstart your future.

What’s special about Coursera?

Here’s what makes coursera special. Each course on the learning platform is taught by the finest instructors from the top universities and educational institutions of the world.

Courses come with video recorded lectures. The courses are graded automatically. You get assignments that are peer-reviewed. Above all, they have interactive community discussion forums. What’s more? You will receive a digital course certificate upon completion.

Coursera learning formats

Choose from among the three learning formats below, ranging from flexible to rigorous:

  1. Courses: You can satiate your quest for learning with a simple and flexible course in a field of your choice in about 4-6 weeks for prices ranging from $29 to $99.
Start your future with a Business Analytics Certificate.

Become a Digital Marketer in 2016 with Coursera.

  1. Specializations: You can go a step further and master a skill – your current one or something completely new. You can master a career skill via., a specialization. A specialization is a series of courses and hands-on projects, for about 4-6 months, priced around $250 to $500, that comes with a specialization certificate upon completion, that you can share with current or future employers.

  2. Online Degrees: You can go all-in for a deep dive and get an online degree in your field. You will need to go through a formal admission process, 1 to 3 years of study, priced at around $15000 to $25000. You will get a coveted, accredited master’s degree!

Coursera - Hundreds of Specializations and courses in business, computer science, data science, and more

Coursera Business Vertical

The Add-on benefits to coursera learning

Coursera facilitates mobile learning via iOS/Android apps. Needless to say, they are accessible from anywhere in the world.

Course mentors are available round the year. You have discussion forums that provide support and accountability to learners. The forums are wonderful places to expand your network, too.

Besides the courses are designed for a global audience and are available in over 30 languages. Overall, it is an enriching, immersive and inclusive experience that you subscribe to, besides picking up your career skills!

Your learning goals

Coursera has courses to strengthen your career skills in diverse fields. The courses are listed under the categories:

  1. Art & humanities
  2. Business
  3. Computer science
  4. Data science
  5. Life sciences
  6. Math & logic
  7. Personal development
  8. Physical science and engineering
  9. Social sciences
  10. Language learning.

With Coursera, there’s a course for all hot and high-paying careers. It’s time to sharpen your axe, to gain new career skills now. Head over to find what suits you and sign up for your progress.

Career skills to jumpstart your future.

Tips to make the most of your online learning

  1. Time management: As with everything, make a plan, considering all areas of your life – professional and personal.

  2. Go geeky: Use technology to your advantage. Work while you commute or whenever you are on the go.

  3. Stay organized: Research your learning needs beforehand. Schedule small chunks of learning for every day.

  4. Two to tango: Have a study buddy to share the fun, stay accountable and to share your highs and lows.

  5. Get help: Hire an assistant. Seek help from friends or family. Work out some give and take arrangements with colleagues.

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Hot career skills online from world's top universities
Hot career skills online from world’s top universities


  1. Lynne

    Great post. Totally agree that learning is something we never stop doing so embrace and enhance what we know already. As an avid gym goer I can definitely see the benefits to my entire life including mental health as well as physical

  2. I think so many of us forget the importance of exercising you brain just as much as you workout your body. There all look pretty interesting. One of my goals this year is to learn something new. I’ll have to look into these courses.

  3. learning is something we should never stop doing! though i am not sure i am ready to hit the books again, haha, getting through my bachelors was tough enough with 3 kids! but we have to keep learning, keep using our brains, when i am older I will absolutely do this by attending courses are colleges again!

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Ashley. Oh yes, Skillshare and Lynda are good for acquiring skills too. Coursera is for a more formal education with a certificate. The courses here are provided by academic universities, colleges, established educational institutions etc.,
      This serves to boost the academic and vocational credentials on your profile.
      So this is like getting back to college, online, while you are working 🙂

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