Dentmaker is a website meant to share ideas, inspiration, and resources for the mid-career change makers.

Research on motivational psychology suggests a whopping 80% of the global workforce today do not enjoy their vocation.

Mid-career professionals make up for the majority of the people who feel trapped in lackluster jobs.

Midlife is the period of life when people stay stuck in a job, to pay their bills but aspire for careers that offer them the three dimensions of autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

It takes courage to set out on a quest to find our purpose, dream big, and make the changes to fulfill our dreams.

I am Vaishnavi Krishnamachari, a corporate employee turned entrepreneur, on a mission to help mid-career change makers find and live their dream careers.

I’ve worked for Hewlett-Packard and HP’s corporate clients across the globe for the major portion of my corporate career, having traveled and lived in the U.S, and Singapore.

If you are a mid-career professional, Dentmaker is a website that brings my 14-year practice to the table, to help you find a purpose and pursue what you love doing!